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Greenbrier School of Practical Nursing

Terminal Objectives

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Following completion of the course, the graduate practical nurse will be able to:
   1. Care for the ill regardless of sex, race, creed, national origin, or culture.
   2. Recognize signs of common illnesses and asses that illness.
   3. Utilize communication skills to obtain data and perform nursing needs.
   4. Document data using standard medical terminology.
   5. Assist RN and health care team.
   6. Implement the nursing interventions through direct care to accomplish the specified goals of care plan.
   7. Evaluate and recognize the need for adjustment of nursing interventions.
   8. Promote health, nutritional, and safety standards within your community.
   9. Utilize ethical principles and legal considerations to become a safe and conscientious practitioner.
  10. Convey a professional image.
  11. Maintain theory and clinical competencies which a practical nurse would be expected to perform, thus qualifying for application for State Board Examination for licensure as an LPN and subsequent renewal of license.
  12. Value the need for continued learning for professional developement by participating in continuing education and the requirement of renewal of license.