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Greenbrier School of Practical Nursing
Our Policies
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We'll explain our current policies on this page.

Absence is a hindrance to progress, and excessive absenteeism must be regarded as detrimental to the student's successful completion of the program. Therefore, only 8 hour absence in the classroom and 7 hours in the clinical setting will be allowed in each phase before a warning will be given for absenteeism and couseled on the necessity of improved attendance. After 16 hours of classroom or 14 hours of clinical absence, the student will be placed on probation. No more than 28 hours of absenteeism is allowed in the clinical area before dismissal due to poor clinical performance. No more than 32 hours of classroom absence will be allowed before dismissal from the program.

The tuition is payable by money order or other verified source of payment due by a specified date, approximately 10 days before the first day of school.

No money will be refunded on day six or beyond.

 In addition to the tuition, there will be a $250.00 seat holding fee, due 10 business days after notification of acceptance. Fifty ($50.00) will be refunded after successful completion of the program and the return of the Graduate and Employer Survey (which the student receives in February following graduation). 

The following percentage grading system will be used in the classroom:
   A= 93-100
   B= 85-92
   C= 80-84
   F=79 or below
A minimum passing grade of "C" is required in each course.  If the student has persistent "F" grades, he/she will be placed on acedemic probation and couseled to improve. The student will be required to remain after school for extra study time while on probation. After a specified time period, the student will be re-evaluated and couseled. Any final grade below 80 will be failing and the student is dismissed from the program. Evidence of cheating will result in a zero grade and dismissal from the program.

When you select a career in nursing, you know that it is a demanding and responsible profession. The role of the faculty is to direct the learning process and assist you to achieve your goals. The curriculum is planned according to the guidelines as set forth by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses. It advances from simple to complex skills with lab practice and planned clinical experiences related to practical nursing theory.

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