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     The Greenbrier School of Practical Nursing is operated by the Greenbrier Board of Education, sponsored by the West Virginia Board of Education. The course spans a 12-month time period and is accredited by the WV Board of Examiners for Practical Nurses. The School is presently associated with GVMC and Greenbrier Manor for clinical experiences.
     One class will be admitted annually starting in September. Applications will be mailed upon request. Annual application deadline is May 15.
    After successfully completing the course, the graduate will receive a diploma. Each graduate will be eligible for the licensure examination by the WV State Board of Examiners for Practical Nurses.

     Nursing is a function performed by skilled professions which includes the practice and instruction of preventative health care, care of those with special needs, care of the ill; rehabilitation, and support of the dying. This care includes the family. The nursing process is the framework providing the nurse with an organized method to alleviate, minimize or prevent real or potential problems. Our primary objective will, therefore, be to prepare our students for a rewarding career as an effective licensed professional practitional, capable of giving a much needed service to our community. We will endeavor to foster the development of fundamental principles and values to guide the students as they meet the challenges of nursing in a variety of employment opportunities.
     Basic to our philosophy is the recognition of the worth and dignity of the individual, who is entitled to receive effective nursing care. Consequently, our curriculum will emphasize the nursing process which incorporates skill in assessment and data interpretation based on nursing rationale, of the plan of care as indicated by progress or change in condition. Nursing interventions will be implemented under the supervision ofthe registered nurse.
     The needs in nursing today are changing along with the total delivery of health care, which necessitates varied educational preperations for nursing personnel. Practical nurses are an integral and essential member of the health care team. Practical nursing education is the means for individuals to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relative to becoming safe and effective practitioners.
     The teaching-learning process of our program requires a cooperative effort between faculty and students. Our curriculum is planned to integrate theory and clinical experiences that progress from simple to complex. The curative and restoritive aspects of disease (acute and chronic), the prevention of disease, and the maintenance of health will be stressed throughout our program. This education also prepares the individual for state licensure and to become an ethically and legally responsible member of the health care team, which includes maintaining competencies through continuing education and participation in professional organizations. Completion of this program is not an end point, but an integral part of a life long learning experience. 

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